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First Dance - Useful information

As you know, we go out of our way to make sure that everything is beyond amazing for your special day, and this includes little gems like getting your chosen band to perform your first dance for you. Let's face it, you've booked a live band, why not have them perform your first dance.

Any band that has the "The band will learn your first dance song free of charge" tag on their page are able to learn your song request. This means that they, as a band, have the time to get into a studio and rehearse, or at least someone in the band can arrange the song for everyone else to play.

There may be times that the band are not able to learn your chosen song. This will be down to musical reasons only. Here are some of those reasons:

The song is musically too difficult to perform

The song is stylistically out of the comfort zone of the band, i.e., asking an indie band to perform a dance track

The vocal range within the song is out of the range of the singer of the band

The band feel they won't do it justice - this is really important information because the last thing our artists want to do is ruin the perfect moment for you

If you are ever in doubt about any of the above then please give us a call. We know that your decision to book a particular band can be based around their ability to perform your first dance live.

Hope this helps. 

The AMV team

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