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The House of Sax Experience will replicate the best "House Night" outside of an actual club.

In addition to a full nights entertainment from one of our pro DJs, you also get two one hour sets of live music from House of Sax, which is a live experience of Sax, Percussion and Vocals, guaranteed to fill any dance floor.

You can customise your House of Sax lineup to your own budget and tastes, building up from DJ and Sax to add percussion and even a female vocalist.

Packages for House of Sax include:

- DJ & Sax (DJ for the rest of the evening 7pm-12am)

- DJ, Sax and Percussion (DJ for the rest of the evening 7pm-12am)

- DJ, Sax, Percussion and Female Vocals (DJ for the rest of the evening 7pm-12am)

We have an experienced team of performers who work together regularly, as well as numerous top players for each instrument so this means we have wide range of availability for each configuration year round.

Check out @houseofsax on Instagram for more videos of their live gigs and see the available configurations in action at events around the country!

What’s included in the quote?

  • Two Live Sets from The House of Sax Experience
  • DJ from 7pm-Midnight
  • Industry standard PA audio system and lighting
  • Travel costs, insurances and VAT
  • The AMV management service



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